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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 15, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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alert customer spots an information skimming device at this bank. it's a familiar scam with one big difference. good evening i'm ken pritchett in for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. invest -- investigators say they've never seen a case like this and they credit an alert
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bank. >> reporter: the case happened here at this citibank. customers needing access to their money after hours must skim their card on this device to open the door. last sunday morning, a man noticed something unusual. >> when i pulled the card out, this whole device came out on any hand. >> reporter: a realistic copy attached to the face of original. but the photo card reader has those two bars. the man talked to us exclusive by -- exclusively. >> most people are not going to be thinking about that. they just think it's a way to unlock the door. >> reporter: investigators say this is the first time they're
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ever seen a -- they've seen the scamming device at a bank door. police are looking to see if any information was taken. one customer was upset that she learned about the potential scam from us. >> citibank never told me that there was a possible scam going on. i was never told. >> reporter: citibank says they are waiting to find out if any information was taken before they let customers know. a man suffering from a head injury will soon be reunited with his family. matthew abraham took a bus from san francisco to sparks nevada yesterday. that's where these surveillance photos were taken. along the way he joined up with a man who became his traveling companion. the two traveled on together
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all the way to utah. >> he met another person on the bus and he wasn't quite sure as to who he was. he had a couple different names that he thought he might be. so there were some confusion about his identity. >> the stranger took abraham to the salt lake city library this afternoon and did a search on the internet. he learned from news reports that abraham was missing. now abraham's family is traveling to utah to bring him home. we have new information now about last night's deadly shooting at the richmond b.a.r.t. station. police were back out at the scene tonight looking for rush hour commuters. ktvu's amber lee is live in richmond where what police are telling us they learned about the shooting, amber. >> reporter: we counted three shattered out windows. today police handed out these fliers to look for witnesses. 24 hours after the fatal shooting detectives stood at the front entrance to the
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b.a.r.t. station. asking passengers if they were here last night when a 34-year- old richmond man was shot and killed. >> i was literally about 15 steps ahead of the guy who got shot. i heard the gunshots and i turned around and ducked and saw the guy fall on the floor. >> reporter: this man told us he headed for his car and called 911. he and other b.a.r.t. passengers say they're relieved to see b.a.r.t. police here tonight. >> i am glad to see them here today. i wish i would see them here more often. >> reporter: another man was grazed by the bullet. he was taken to the hospital and released. police do not know if they knew each other. police say they have determined there was an altercation before the shooting but they need more witnesses to provide details. >> maybe saw something that led up to the altercation that can give us some idea of why this tragedy happened. >> reporter: the president of the homeowners association at the transit hub tells me he
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will be meeting with tenants to see if they can give any information. police tell us they are reviewing evidence from surveillance cameras. >> we're going to be able to piece it together and we're sure we're going to bring him to justice. >> reporter: they will reveal his identity as soon as they are able to notify his family. reporting live here in richmond, amber lee. celebrity site tmz is sticking to its story that rapper little wayne is hospitalized in critical condition after suffering multiple seizures this week. tmz says the 30-year-old rapper is in a medically induced coma at cedar sinai hospital in los angeles. but members of his record label are denying the report.
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and little wayne's twitter account was updated saying i'm good everybody, thanks for the prayers and love. tmz reports high amounts of codine were found in his system. if u.s. announced that it is upgrading its security system since threats from north korea. >> north korea has recently made advances in its capabilities and has engaged in a serious of provocations. >> reporter: north korean television today showed live fire military drills with kim jung un watching them.
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on wall street the dow's winning streak came to an end today. the industrial average lost 25 points. it had posted gains for 10 days and reached record highs the nasdaq also fell today down nine points. the declines came after a new report suggested consumer confidence has fallen. in washington, d.c., senators grilled two former jp morgan chase executives about the bank's staggering deficits of at least $6.2 million. one executive blamed others under her about taking risks. j.p. morgan chase reported a loss of $12 million for a single day when it was actually $600 million. and a mexican supreme court has ruled that apple does not own the name iphone in that country. apple tried to register the name in 2009 but according to the wall street journal a mexico city it company already owned it. the mexican company has a
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different spelling but can now pursue a percentage of apple iphone sales in mexico. the solano county office is looking for two teenagers that escaped from city hall. 18-year-old melvin mesa and brazeal escaped yesterday. they were last seen in an unsecure outdoor area. brazeal was being held for property crimes. residents are trying to drive out a sex offender from their neighborhood. >> reporter: parents and children who crowded the corner of willow park were the
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opposite of a welcoming party. they lost a battle to keep a registered sex offender 69-year- old charles christmon from moving into a cottage in this property but they want an appeal court to reconsider. >> we have children who walk to school every day right here where mr. christmon is being held. every day they pass here. starting our stopwatch now you can see it took us about four minutes to make the walk here and some say putting chrismon violates the law. >> a straight line measurement would be within a quarter mile but the way the court chose to
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measure, was the path on the road. >> reporter: charles christman was accused of committing a lewd act with a boy in 1989 and similar crimes from the early 80s. he spent time in prison and last month a judge ordered him to be released from a state hospital. christman's new home is the same place verse once lived in 2004. today the property owner defended his latest tenant. >> this guy is the most monitored guy in california. he has a gps. he has two security guards with him right now. i believe him to be safe or i wouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: the final say could still come from an appeals court. san francisco police are detailing the charges against a man wanted in a bizarre incident involving a stolen cab and offer involved shooting. we obtained this booking photo tonight of 25-year-old peter russell. he's charged with carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the in influence. a man flagged down a cab, jumped into it and smashed the windshield. the cab driver fled. and the man took off in the taxi. using the cab's gps police
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quickly found it but they say the driver tried to run down officers and one of them opened fire. no one was hit and the cab took off. but it was found again a short time later in the marina where officers put russell under arrest. happening now, the san francisco symphony and it's striking musicians return to the bargain table in a bid to end their three day strike. the latest talks come after a second symphony concert was cancelled. it was supposed to happen tonight at 8:00. the musicians went on a strike after talks stalled. the man credited with putting napa valley wines on the map have died. jim barrett died yesterday at the age of 86. his family said the cause of death was quote a life well lived. barrett made chateau mandalena one of the best in the world.
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it was called the judgment of paris and brought worldwide notoriety for napa. a single mother and two sons killed by a suspected drunk driver. >> if we're not crying on the outside, we should be crying on the inside. downtown st
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it's a big change for the city of hayward, a new major project that changed two lanes of traffic into a loop through downtown. noelle walker reports about what the project is all about and why some business owners are worried. >> reporter: the preparations have been under way for weeks in downtown hayward. through new lights, new cameras and now action. >> change is good. most change is for the better. >> reporter: traffic signs have been warning drivers of tonight's big change. turning left is not right. >> we expect a little bit of confusion. >> we're doing this because it's eight clock. >> so you knew it was coming? >> yeah. >> reporter: at 8:00 the city flipped a new light on a new downtown hayward loop. it turns three main arteries into one way streets it's also turning some seasoned drivers into novice navigators. >> do you know what's happening? >> no. >> do you know where you're
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going? >> sushi. >> this animation shows the downtown loop around mission, foothill and eighth street. the goal of the $80 million project is faster traffic. congestion is graded from a which is sailing through to f. >> which means you would stop for more than two cycles. and typically you would stop at some of these intersections for more than two or three cycles. >> reporter: but peak owner fears the bad days lay ahead. >> as of tonight traffic is going to go one way in a loop and it's going to really hurt business. >> the loop is taking her traffic. >> you wear the hat, you don't wear the hat wear you. >> reporter: and the hat lady doesn't walk far to park. >> no she does not. not at all. >> reporter: so brown is putting another hat. delivery driver bringing clothes to her clients homes. it's about adapting to change and making a new turn. >> reporter: now you can see crews are working right now they'll be out here till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.
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right now they're taking down those old traffic lights before putting the new ones in service. this is going to take used to it. already we've seen one person make a wrong turn right into wrong way traffic. noelle walker, ktvu news. at we posted more details on the hayward loop you will also find live downtown traffic maps for hot spots around the bay area. new at 10:00 the contra costa board voted three to two to approve the new contract during an emergency meeting. the contract will bring 205 jobs to the area. it'll be one of three call centers. it'll roll in state health care coverage over the federal affordable health care act. 22-year-old gary fite was
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arrested for an armed bank robberies but charges were not filed. the fbi says he should have been held while a federal case was built since bank robbery is a federal crime. as we first reported last night, a former san francisco lab technician accused of stealing cocaine has changed her plea to guilty. debra madden changed her charge. madden was accused of stealing cocaine that was evidence. a lawsuit against mirkarimi has been dismissed. ivory madison and her husband argued mirkarimi accused them of various crimes. you may recall it was madison who taped mirkarimi's wife accusing him of bruising her
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arm. mirkarimi wound up pleading guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment and kept his skwr- b. a suspected drunk driver kept the life of an entire family and today mourners gave a tribute at the crash site. cara liu shares the immigrant family's moving story. >> reporter: the crowd of mourners grew so bill it spilled into the street. >> this is a tragic unnecessary loss of life. and if we're not crying on the outside, we should be crying on the inside. >> a single mom and her two sons wiped out by a suspected drunk driver who prosecutors say was speeding through this daly city neighborhood. >> it's really hard, especially my grandma and my aunt. i don't even know, every time i see them it pressures me.
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>> reporter: 15-year-old josue osorio was well liked and got good grades. >> i was in elementary and middle school with josue. he was a great friend. >> reporter: his brother amado worked as a driver for >> he took all the weight of the family financially, emotionally. >> reporter: their mom josefa a housekeeper brought their family from el salvador. >> they were just trying to make it here in america. >> reporter: relatives say they are struggling with the losses but also paying for the funerals. private services are scheduled for monday. in daly city, cara liu, ktvu news. >> our ktvu camera happened on a suspected dui crash tonight at 10:30 the arrest in this case and why officers say it serves as a warning they'll be out this weekend. tomorrow marks a sad anniversary for the friends and family of missing morgan hill teenagers sierra lamar. it's been one year since the 15-
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year-old was last seen. investigators say lamar was kidnapped on her way to school not far from her home. 21-year-oldgarcia torrez has been charged but her body has never been found. >> we're still getting tips. it's still an active investigation. the arrest didn't slow down the investigation at all. it's a tragic case, let's rely on the public. tell us where you think sierra might be. >> reporter: family and friends plan to release balloons and have a fundraiser in her honor. a nice day today for a friday. temperatures are in the 70s. tomorrow similar to this. there's fog at the coast right now it's pretty dense right along the san francisco's ocean beach. at sun set this evening you see the high clouds. they're going to be around tomorrow but not as many. more sunshine for your saturday afternoon. that will bring temperatures up a degree or two.
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i think we'll see fog out at the coast like we see right now. as you look at the forecast or if you look at the current temperatures you're going to see they're kind of mild for this time. almost 60 degrees in concord, 59, 58 in liver mother. -- livermore. i'll have the specific forecast and in the long rage forecast we'll see rain. and the catholic church denied allegations about pope francis. the pope steered clear of controversy today meeting with the cardinals that elected him. he is not expected to move in for a few days. right now he's staying at a guest house with the cardinals. graduation day for dozens of new police officers. why some say the new recruits will do little to help fill the
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mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. an out of control wildfire is growing tonight near four column colorado. more than 500 near by residents have been asked to evacuate. the fire is only 5% contained tonight. a small plane crashed into a florida parking lot today killing all three people on board and destroying a number of cars. it happened this afternoon near the fort lauder day executive airport. authorities say no one on the ground was hurt. the faa says the twin engine piper had experienced engine problems right before taking off from the airport. seven cars and a boat were damaged by the flames. casino workers took to the
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streets of san pablo to demand better pay. housekeeping, gaming and food service workers at casino san pablo rallied along with supporters. workers say they have been struggling for years to earn a living wage. the protest comes after a judge with the national labor relations board sited the casino for numerous labor law violations on march fifth. now to the south bay where the san jose police has new officers. john sasaki tells us when the new officers will be on the street and what challenges they face. >> reporter: those present cheered on their loved ones. >> we need your commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. >> reporter: two women and 41 men had their family and friends pin on their new badges
11:56 pm
then they were all sworn in. >> it's just an honor to be an officer now with the san jose police department. >> reporter: 31-year-old julian taylor worked previously for a phone and cable company. >> san jose police department gave me a great opportunity and they're filled with opportunities. it's a great city and wonderful people from the training officers and everybody i've met here. so just really excited. >> reporter: his parents were by his side all through this process. >> i'm worried but i am so proud of my son. and he's with a fine department. >> reporter: chuck reed is thrilled to have a new class but acknowledges there's a tough task ahead. >> we have crime going up, of course property crimes are going up all over the state and we need to respond to that. we need more officers to respond and do the work that our people expect. >> reporter: more officers needed after the loss of 350 officers in the last five years to lay offs, resignations and
11:57 pm
retirements. >> i know the mayor said we've cleared the tide. i don't understand that, i feel like someone with a broom trying to sweep the tide out. a conservative senator does an about face on same-sex marriage. the development in his personal life that changed
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happening now, bay area law enforcement are blanketing the roads looking for impaired drives drives -- drivers as we head into the st. patrick's day
12:00 am
weekend. deborah villalon is live in hayward after happening on a crash minutes after it occurred. >> reporter: a crash hard enough to flatten this iron rod fence and an accident before the sunlight went down. >> i'm feeling disappointed in myself. >> reporter: one of many who will be sited this weekend wishing they could roll back time and do it all again. >> just saddens. i've been fixing up this car and i wrecked it being foolish. >> reporter: he just gotten his classic buick out of the shop impatient to see what it could do. >> yeah he was passing on the double yellows around here. >> reporter: driving into the side of another car. >> you see him or did you just get hit? >> reporter: that drivers end injured by flying glass. and ruiz' own passenger needed
12:01 am
medical attention. >> he admitted to having a couple of shots earlier today. >> reporter: alcohol odor on ruiz' breath triggered field tests. >> he's not blitz drunk, but he is definitely is showing some signs. >> reporter: and a breathalyzer comes out next. and a second time. result, .11 the legal limit .08. >> i'm going to go to jail? why? i'm not drunk, you see me i passed all the tests. >> reporter: launching a legal process he doesn't begin to grasp. >> i shouldn't have been drinking. but at the same time, no i wasn't impaired. >> reporter: last st. patrick's day chp alone made more than 300 dui arrests statewide and at least three people died in alcohol fueled crashes.
12:02 am
reporting live in hayward, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more detales now on the soaring costs of driving under the influence. the automobile club of southern california reports that the first misdemeanor is $15,649. if you're under 21, aaa says you will pay at least $22,000. on average 600 californians are arrested for dui every day. san francisco is getting in the spirit of st. patrick's day with its annual parade. it starts tomorrow at 11:30 at second and market streets. then runs down market and ends at the civic center with a festival. this is video now from last year's parade. organizers say the event is for everyone to learn about and celebrate irish culture and history. oakland police have a new strategy to combat crime. it involves dividing the city after five districts.
12:03 am
and as ktvu's allie rasmus explains, the police are trying to combat crime. >> oakland has a very diverse community. >> reporter: under a new plan that starts this weekend oakland will be quited into five different police districts each district will have a captain. >> the captains will have the responsibility of targeting their area. it's really neighborhood policing, we're giving commanders a more manageable area with the direction of not only are you going to fight crime but you're going to strengthen the relationship we have with the community. >> i'm really excited about the fact that it's going to bring extra resources. >> reporter: councilman reid
12:04 am
says opd has tried a similar strategy with success. >> they decided to based on our resources put the city into two areas now we're going back to the way it was. >> reporter: 40 year oakland resident robertson likes the idea of seeing the same officers, commanders and sergeants every day. >> they need to know the people they patrol. that way they know the good guys and the bad guys. >> reporter: if the results are good they'll expand the neighborhood policing plan to the rest of the city in the coming days. allie rasmus. a prominent conservative ohio senator is reversing his position on gay marriage revealing his change of heart started with his son. senator portman made his announcement that his 21-year- old son is gay. portman was never outspoken against gay marriage but consistently voted against it. portman says his son came out shortly after he won the senate seat. >> he told us that he was gay
12:05 am
and that it was not a choice. and that you know he that's just part of who he is and he's been that way ever since he could remember. that launched an interesting process for me which was rethinking my position. >> portman says his son who is now a junior in college supported the decision to announce the senator's change in position on gay marriage. in news of the world tonight in sre --venezuela the body of hugo chavez was taken to a museum where it will be displayed permanently. many residents do not go outside after dark. chavez died 10 days ago after 14 years in power. the group save the children held a candlelight for children. 70,000 people have been killed
12:06 am
there. there's no sign of an end to the war between the forces of the azad and rebels who want him ousted. president putin has enlisted the help of steven segal to promote physical fitness for russian children. president putin has called for a renewal of a physical training program that was introduced in the 1950s by joseph stallin. mr.putin has a black belt in judo. another crew cut short in eight minutes the latest problem affecting carnival passengers. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is updating his weekend outlook. he's back with that and when rain will return to the bay area. a police officer tackled a man after
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hundreds of union workers in the east bay walked picket lines earlier today instead of picking up garbage: officials at waste management say any routs that were missed due to the strike should be finished tomorrow: the workers picketed for eight hours in san leandro and livermore. they've also filed a complaint. recology's request will be looked at by a judge and then they'll have meetings. it has been one week since san francisco's new public safety hub opened on sixth
12:10 am
street. ktvu's ann rubin tells us how it's already making changes on the street. >> reporter: residents and busyness owners were looking for quick results. >> we've been waiting to see what impact would be. >> reporter: and impact is what they got. surveillance cameras caught this on. an officer runs to the rescue tackling the thief to the ground. >> he was able to take him into custody before he got away. >> reporter: this illustrate it is need for the new hub and also its effectiveness. there's probation and general services as well as 24 offers to patrol the area on foot. >> they really see the change because the visibility has gone up a lot more. >> reporter: residents and business owners say they've already noticed a difference. >> i don't see any drug
12:11 am
addicts because i know everybody in the neighborhood. >> they're almost like roaches, when you turn on the lights, they start going away. >> reporter: what you do see loss of police. >> he is the one that jumped the guy that robbed the old man. >> there's police on foot, beat on foot walking everywhere. a huge difference. huge. it's like night and day now. >> reporter: officers know this is just the beginning and there's already talk of expanding the community services offered out of the public safety hub. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu news. ref breaking news out of the north bay where there's been an officer involved shooting. it happened just a short time ago at about 10:15 tonight at newel circle in napa. the napa police department
12:12 am
tells us there's been a shooting after a motorist failed to yield. a camera is on the way but it may be some time before we get official word on what happened. carnival cruise lines has had two high profile snafoos this week. the over the top tactic it used to what do you think of this one? ♪ ♪
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more rough waters for the nation's largest cruise company carnival. it announced today the carnival legend was unable to sail at full speed after the coast of honduras. passengers from the troubled
12:15 am
ship the carnival dream arrived today in orlando florida. the cruise ship experienced trouble when they docked in st. martin. one passenger described the ordeal as fabulous. >> two whole days they let us off on the island. they flew entertainment in for us, it was wonderful. >> reporter: carnival is also giving passengers discounts on future trips. the the cruise company says it's conducting investigations. today is the deadline for city college of san francisco to affix to all 14 deficiencies found by the accreditation last
12:16 am
year. not all have been fixed but college officials say they are quote cautiously optimistic the college will stay open. in a statement interim chancellor thelma scott- skillman wrote, i am confident that ccsf. >> it may mean that i have to go to another college. but at this point i don't have that kind of money. >> reporter: in california 19 community colleges out of 112 face some sanctions with the accreditation commission. among them merit college has received a low level warning and the college of marin had its warning removed. at the los pasitas district there have never been any accreditation problems. >> i worry about do i have money to cover all the things i have to cover. are we still going to be able to honor all our contracts.
12:17 am
>> reporter: community colleges are at the sanction of the government. >> it makes it hard to put out a long term budget that is based on something really solid when the state legislature is the one that controls how the money is going to go out. >> reporter: the next step here at city college will be a visit by the accreditation commission scheduled for next month. a final decision is expected in june. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the bay area housing market appears to be getting red hot again even outside the bay area in mountain house in san joaquin county home sales are up 352% in three years. we told you about the planned community there eight years ago and sales were brisk then. in 2008 it was considered the most under water community in the country. now it has turned around again. there are reports tonight that the release of the steve jobs bio pic has been postponed. this is video of the movie crew filming last year in los altos.
12:18 am
deadline hollywood is reporting the movie titled jobs has no release date. the movie stars ashton cutcher as steve jobs. jobs was originally slated to be released next month. your bay area weekend is here and your weather is cooperating yet again. we've had a string of nice weekend -- nice weekends and here we go. we had 75 up in santa rosa. 69 in san jose. temperatures tomorrow not much different than these. we're going to see more sunshine tomorrow so a little more of that. that will bring temperatures up about a degree or two. some where in there. might say it came up a degree or two. we have more fog at the coast. the coastal type. not showing up here on the satellite but it's very dense. not among the ocean beach south near pacifica. be ready for that in the great highway or along the coast.
12:19 am
out in golden state park it's going to be chilly. temperatures right now are in the 50s so it's kind of mild for this time of night, this time of year. what we had today pretty much what we got tomorrow but less sunshine it's going to be a beautiful day. saturday looks like your best day. sunday looks nice too but just a little cooler. forecast in the 40s so mild now doesn't get that cold tonight. the way it breaks out with high clouds been around today they get pushed out to the north. you see more clearing tomorrow and more sunshine on sunday as well. temperatures certainly above average in many locations. so we go looking for rain. as we go into tomorrow the clouds clear. we go in tomorrow afternoon all the rain stays north a few clouds creep in tomorrow night. the long range model we go looking for rain. there's monday, here's tuesday. it starts to get cloudy then watch what happens. i know you don't want to think about next week but this is our
12:20 am
next shot for rain and looks like some where tuesday night into wednesday morning it does not look significant. it has some way to go. mark tamayo and rosemary orozco will be here this weekend. 60s, 69 in vallejo, nice looking bay area weekend. i think saturday is your warmest day on the weekend. sunday is a degree cooler or something like that. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. a lot going on this weekend st. paddy's parade. they have the world baseball tournament going on and the weather is going to be perfect for all of it. anything you're going this weekend it's going to be okay. a campaign to ask ellison to pay for the america's race the in san francisco. former supervisor erin peskin
12:21 am
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it is hats off to dr. seuss
12:24 am
at a san francisco art gallery starting tomorrow. many of theodore gisel characters wore hats most notably the cat in the hat. now 26 of the hats are on display including that red and white stone pipe that inspired the classic tale. admission is free. fred inglis is here to tell us about the warriors. >> the fans should get their money back tonight. warriors keep holding on to that six -- sixth play off spot. warriors wanted to finish their long home stand with a 5-2 record they'll have to settle for 4-3. first lead of the game when harrison barns settles for two of his four points. bulls lost by 42. remember nate robinson. little nate with a warrior last year. tonight nate returns to score 20 points and dish out seven
12:25 am
assists. bulls outscore the warriors. and watch kyle booser brings down the house. chicago wins and it wasn't that close. warriors visit houston sunday. what's wrong with this picture? netherlands reached the semi finals of the world classic. and team usa they are not. angel agan revved up his teammates. and pitcher ryan vogelsan, his own own teammate. two more runners score. usa did make it a 4-3 game but j.c.
12:26 am
romero gets rollings to pagan. giants hoálsed texas in front of a sold out -- giants hosted texas in front of a sold out crowd. that's his first home run of the spring. hunter went two for three with three rbis. matt cain pitches 5 innings. the nfl network reported that lineman alex smith had surgery on the torn laborum a few weeks ago. the shoulder problem may help explain why alden did not sack a single quarterback on his final five games. no word on recovery time but he returned to his mixed martial arts training routine so he should be doing well. former chicago bear nick roach was signed to a multi year deal. roach is expected to play middle linebacker for oakland. roach has 3-1/2 sacks through his six nfl seasons.
12:27 am
raiders also lost defensive lineman shanasey today. shanasey signs with the cardinals. warriors they're still the in that sixth spot but they're 2- 1/2 games out of it. so they're closing out of the play offs than they are moving on up. >> let's see if they can turn things around. >> they have to hang on. 15 more games. >> thank you for trusting ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. >> and the news [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
12:28 am
it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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